Adobe Release Large Photoshop Update With New Subject Selection And Improved ACR User Experience: Photoshop select

Adobe has announced a raft of new features in its largest update since those announced at Adobe Max 2019. Back in May 2020, Adobe announced that the Curves Tool was now available on Photoshop for iPad.

Both desktop and iPad versions or Photoshop are seeing new features arriving and here we’ll run down the most important ones for photographers: 

Photoshop on Desktop 

Select Subject with Portrait Power

 Adobe have made it easier and much more precise when trying to select intricate things such as hair. “Select subject has been improved with a whole set of additional new algorithms that make one-click selections of portraits, which happen to be the most-selected subject in Photoshop, better than ever before”, say Adobe.

  • Select subject is now content aware, and applies new custom algorithms if it detects a person is in the scene.
  • Hair and treatment around hair has been vastly improved.


Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) User Experience Improvements 

ACR has had an interface overhaul to make it easier to use. Adobe say that it’ll now be very familiar to those that use Lightroom. 

Image adjustments and batch processing is more intuitive and simpler to navigate. Sliders now look and feel more like Lightroom. New Crop tool improvements consolidate functionality into more convenient options. The Curves UI is updated and simpler to use and to visualise changes. In addition, the controls can now be stacked vertically to reduce the number of clicks required to find the functions you need.

Adobe say that there are so many tweaks and improvements that you need to try the new space out yourself to appreciate them all. 

Photoshop on iPad

Adobe Release Large Photoshop Update With New Subject Selection And Improved ACR User Experience: Lightroom iPad linked editing

Lightroom-linked Editing in Photoshop on iPad 

Better integration between Lightroom and Photoshop on iPad is here! From today you can move an image from Lightroom to Photoshop and back making it easier to process large amounts of images in Lightroom and also transform them in Photoshop for iPad.

  • Send an image from Lightroom to Photoshop so you can edit it.
  • All the tools in Photoshop are available to use when editing a photo from Lightroom.
  • Once you’ve sent a photo from Lightroom to Photoshop, you can either send it right back to Lightroom, or keep it as a new cloud document.

Adobe have lots of resources to help you with Lightroom interoperability with Photoshop on the iPad. 



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New Photography Feature

Adobe Release Large Photoshop Update With New Subject Selection And Improved ACR User Experience: Lightroom share

Share your own Edits in the Lightroom discover section

Adobe released Interactive tutorials last year and now you can share your own edits into the Lightroom Discover section. Lightroom will create a before and after of your image so that others can see and learn from it. 


Editing Updates

  • Local Hue (ACR, Lightroom Classic, Lr Mac/Win, iOS, Android) – A new Hue editing control is now available as a local adjustment control. Local Hue can be used for both corrective and creative purposes. It gives photographers the ability to nudge hue to clean up issues like uneven skin tones.   
  • Versions (Lightroom Mac/Win, iOS, Android) – Create different edit treatments without losing the original. Great for when you want a B&W version and a colour version, or when you want a variety of different crops. Versions sync across Lightroom on all your devices so versions you create in one place are available to you everywhere. 
  • Raw Defaults (Lr Mac/Win, iOS, Android) – Streamline your edit workflow by specifying the default Edit settings for your raw photos. You can have Lightroom automatically respect the look that you chose in camera when you were taking the picture, or you can specify any default Edit settings you wish by using a custom preset.   
  • ISO Adaptive Presets (ACR, Lightroom Classic) – An ISO Adaptive Preset allows a single preset to apply different edit settings to different photos depending on their ISO. For example, you could have a single preset that applies different levels of noise reduction to high ISO images and low ISO images. ISO Adaptive Presets are designed to work great with Raw Defaults.
  • Edit in Photoshop (Lightroom iPad) – Lightroom on iPad can send images to Photoshop for iPad through the new ‘Edit in Photoshop’ option.
  • Centred Crop Overlay (ACR, Lightroom Classic) – Crop overlays are a useful way to ensure your photo composition is on point.  The June release adds a new Centred Overlay, which is particularly useful when using a square crop or bringing attention to the centre of your frame.  

More details and further updates can be found in the June 2020 Photography updates blog and Photoshop June update blog.

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