Step 1: New Layer

When you’ve opened your photograph you need to create a new layer. You can do this by clicking on the new layer icon, by going to Layer>New Layer or if you’re working on a PC, hit Shift+Ctrl+N on the keyboard. Rename this layer ‘Frame’.

How to create a ragged frame in Photoshop: Create a new layer

Step 2: Rectangular Marquee Tool

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and on the layer you’ve just created, click in the top left corner where you want the selection to start, hold the mouse down and drag to the bottom right corner where you want the selection to end. Go to Select>Inverse and you’ll see there is now two lines of ‘marching ants’; the one we designed and one around the edge of the image.

Step 3: Fill

Next, go to Edit>Fill and pick the colour you want to fill the edge of the frame with. Hit OK and the two lines of ‘marching ants’ should no be filled with the colour you chose. Go to Select>Deselect to remove the selection.

How to create a ragged frame in Photoshop: Fill the frame

Step 4: Use the erase tool

With the Frame layer still selected, find the Erase tool from the toolbar. At the top of the page you’ll find an option to change the brush. Click on the arrow that’s facing down and a drop down will open. From here, click the arrow that’s sitting inside a circle and select the Dry Media Brushes. You will be asked if you want to replace the current set. Click okay. Don’t worry, you can go back to this point and reset the default set or choose a different set once you’ve finished.

How to create a ragged frame in Photoshop: Brushes Photoshop

The Pastel Medium Tip brush works well for this effect just remember to adjust the diameter of the brush so it’s not too big. Start with a brush size of around 30pixels and increase from there if you find it to be too small.

Working from inside the picture so the edge of the brush creeps into the border area, brush along the frame so the background shows through, creating the ragged effect. Take your time while you do this, changing the brush size to vary the shape of the frame. Once you’ve gone all the way around the image your ragged frame is complete.


Finished images:

How to create a ragged frame in Photoshop: ragged frame in Photoshop

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