Lens Flares, Sun Rays & More

light effects photoshop
light effects photoshop


Create Light Effect From Scratch

Learn how to use Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, custom brushes, and even some simple compositing skills to add dramatic lighting effects to your photos in Photoshop! Follow along through several examples where we create realistic light rays, lens flares, glows, and bloom effects from scratch.

Realistic Light with Levels

Levels Adjustment Layers are the key to creating realistic lighting effects in Photoshop. By making small adjustments to the natural lighting in an image, and then using Layer Masks to make those adjustments appear as soft beams of light, you’ll have more dramatic lighting that looks like it was all captured in-camera.

Dust & Particle Effects

Use the included custom Photoshop Brush to add dust and particles to any light effects you create. Adding detail and atmosphere to any added effects will help them blend seamlessly into the rest of the environment.

light effects photoshop


Lens Flares

One of the most popular lighting effects, lens flares are a subtle way to add more visual interest to your photos. Learn how to create lens flare effects by extracting lighting from other images.

Simple Compositing Techniques

One of the best ways to create realistic lighting is to borrow effects from other images. We include 4 images of bokeh that you can use alongside some simple compositing tricks to add flares, bursts, and rays to your own photos.

Analyze Lighting

We show you how to analyze lighting to find the perfect images for lighting effects. By finding images that are backlit, and by determining the direction of the light, you can create powerful, realistic effects of your own.

Add Interest & Drama

light effects photoshop

Light Up Your Photos

Lighting effects can help transform a great image into something extraordinary. Get creative with lighting with these easy and powerful Photoshop skills.

light effects photoshop
light effects photoshop


Special Effects in Photoshop

Special effects can help to take your photos to new and exciting places. For more inspiration, check out How to Create a Glow EffectFilm & Vintage Coloring in Photoshop, and Light Effects & Color Toning with Gradients!

Filters & Blurs

Learn how to use a variety of Photoshop Filters and Blurs to create photorealistic lighting in just a matter of clicks. From Gaussian Blurs and Box Blues to Noise & Grain, these versatile techniques can help you solve any creative problems that try to get in your way.

Layer Masks

This course focuses heavily on editing and modifying Layer Masks to create realistic effects. New to Layer Masks? Be sure to watch How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop and our complete Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop.



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