More Power than Ever


Create Enhanced Selections

The new artificial intelligence masks in Adobe Lightroom Classic allow you to select people easier than ever. You can even select certain parts of a person such as their eyes, skin, or hair for more advanced masking and editing capabilities.

Edit All Images in a Series

Oftentimes photographers will shoot a series of images with the same subject and when it comes time to edit those photos it can be a pain to edit each one of them individually. With Lightroom Classic’s new artificial intelligence masks you can make selections to your subject and enhance your photo and then instantly apply those changes across the entire series of photos saving a ton of time and creating better results.

Edit the Subject and Background Separately

Learn to edit your subject and the background independently of one another which will add a ton of control to the editing process. oftentimes the subject will be just a little bit too dark but the background will be properly disposed, use the new artificial intelligence masking tools to select just your subject and enhance their exposure bringing overall corrections to your photo.

Color and Exposure Correction

Learn to color correct exposure correct and even color tone your photos. using a combination of masking your subject or background as well as luminance ranges oh, you can Target either highlights or shadows and correct those individually. then bring everything together in terms of color and light with color toning to create stunning artistic looks.

Follow Along from Start to Finish

Follow along as we go through different examples showing you how to get the most out of Lightroom masks and create stunning images in the process. You’ll learn an introduction to how masking works in Lightroom, how to add subtract and intersect masks for more control, and how to apply these changes to multiple images into a series.

Learn Advanced Masking



Create Beautiful Color Toning

With the ability to isolate your background from your subject you can apply stunning color transformations to your images while choosing just the areas you would like to select. You learn how to create a background with cool science and the foreground with nice warm colors for stunning color combinations that will give your image an artistic feel.

Add, Subtract and Intersect Masks for More Control

The new masking Tools in Lightroom Classic allow you to add subtract or intersect different masks together – this will let you create more advanced selection than ever before. For instance if you want to create a vignette on your background but not include your subject you can simply start by creating a radial gradient and then subtract out your subject with just a couple of clicks.


Create Better Edits – Faster

The new masking Tools in Lightroom Classic allow you to create better edits faster by selecting out your subject or background in making individual edits on them. The more powerful Lightroom becomes, the less you have to move into other programs like Photoshop to create stunning versions of your photos.

Follow Along with the Included Sample Images

Download and follow along with every tutorial step by step so you can get the most out of Lightroom classic and then apply these fantastic ski

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