Adobe has added two popular Photoshop desktop features (Magic Wand Tool and the Healing Brush) to the iPad version of the popular photo editing software. Plus, improvements have been made to the Sky Replacement tool as well as Bezier handles when using the Transform Warp tool in the desktop version of Photoshop. 

More Skies In Sky Replacement

When using Sky Replacement, you now have more skies to choose from with the ability to import up to 5000 skies at once from the ‘Get More Skies’ option while those who need to stretch/bend images, such as graphic designers, can now use independent Bezier handle movement on the Transform Warp tool. This keyboard shortcut control is available for edges and Split Warp points.

Magic Wand Tool & Healing Brush Now On The iPad

Adobe Releases Major Photoshop Update With Sky Replacement Enhancements: Wand Tool On PS for iPad

Those who use Photoshop on iPad will be pleased to see the addition of more tools that include the same Healing Brush capabilities found in the desktop version. Using your Apple Pencil, you can also correct imperfections by painting with sampled pixels from the image or pattern and all of the settings/controls you would expect to be included with the Healing Brush, such as diffusion, blend modes, and brush angle, are. 

Along with the Healing Brush, the Magic Wand tool has been added to Photoshop on iPad which can be used to quickly select and extract objects from a flat background. It works exactly as the desktop version of the tool does, selecting areas of an image based on tone/colour and then adjusting the tolerance, along with other characteristics, to make the most precise selection.

For those who hold talks or workshops, you can connect your iPad to any external monitor or TV display with HDMI or USB-C. This will project your canvas onto that display, full screen and without the Photoshop UI, letting you show your document as you edit it live. You can enable Canvas Projection within the app settings under General > Advanced.

New Discover Panel On Desktop

Another new interesting feature found in the desktop version is the Discover Panel which you can use to find tools, menu items, workflows, and content. It’s also where you can find tutorials that guide you through specific tasks and it’s also where you can find a growing number of quick actions which perform complex transformations for you such as removing or blurring a background in an image.

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